Four-Masted Barque PEKING

PEKING is a cargo sailing vessel without engine built in 1911 by the shipyard Blohm & Voss in Hamburg for the ship owner F. Laeisz. It is 115 metres long and 14.40 metres wide. From 1932 she was a training ship in England, from 1975 to 2016 a museum ship in New York and returned to Germany onboard dock ship in 2017.
She is currently being restored at Peters Yard in Wewelsfleth and will return to her home port of Hamburg to be a stationary museum ship.

...history of the four-masted barque PEKING
PEKING's Future

As temporarily owner, the Hamburg Maritim Foundation is responsible for the restoration of the sailing ship. At Peters Yard in Wewelsfleth the four-masted barque PEKING is currently beeing restored to the state of her last nitrate voyages in the late 1920s.
The entire work will be completed in May 2020. PEKING will return to her home port Hamburg and is expected to become the main attraction of the new German Harbour Museum.

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The Association

After Peking´s restoration the touristic operation, the accompaniment of events on board as well as the ongoing maintenance will be carried out by our association "Freunde der Viermastbark PEKING e.V." (“Friends of the Four-masted Barque PEKING”). Until then, the tasks of the association will revolve, among other things, around identifying historical information of the PEKING’s active sailing from 1911 to 1932 and the restoration of objects that are not included in the shipyard contract. The association is a non-profit organization and all active members are volunteers.

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