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PEKING returns to dry dock - PEKING Friends AGM - Exhibition in Hamburg-Museum - New glossary

PEKING returns to the drydock - Association Annual General Meeting - Exhibition at the Hamburg Museum - New German nautical glossary

On 6 February PEKING returned to drydock at Peters Werft GmbH in Wewelsfleth for continued restoration.


The Friends of the Four Masted bark PEKING e.V. Annual General Meeting was held on 23 February attended by 112 Friends who received a comprehensive overall picture of PEKING from a variety of speakers.

Mrs. Richenberger (Stiftung Hamburger Museen) provided an update on the current status of the German Harbor Museum and PEKING, advising that the search for a suitable berth on the north side of the Elbe continues and a location for a German Harbor Museum has not yet been decided.

Thank you to PEKING's project manager, Mr. Joachim Kaiser, who introduced a compilation of short films about the restoration work at the shipyard assembled by the Hamburg Maritim Foundation.

Committee Chairs also updated the group on the activities of their committees.
In his exciting and most informative presentation, "Do We Know PEKING?", Andreas Gondesen shared incredible details about PEKING and her structure.
Former US Navy Submarine Officer, circumnavigator and Cape Horner, Bransom Bean, who lives in the Isle of Man was introduced as PEKING's "English Ambassador".

After the event, many of the attending PEKING friends met aboard the museum ship, BERGEDORF in Neumühlen, for a traditional kale dinner and social gathering.

New Exhibition "PEKING - Een Hamborger Veermaster comes to Hamburg

From 26 February to 26 May 2019 with the support by the Friends of the Viermastbark PEKING e.V, the Museum for Hamburg History presents "PEKING - Een Hamborger Veermaster comes to Hamburg".
The exhibition also includes spectacular 1.5-metre photos of PEKING underway, the original two-meter high helm of the ship and other original objects from PEKING including her wooden name board, portholes, binnacle, life ring and a leg of the Captain's table.
A 1:50 scale model of PLACILLA, the first four-masted barque built in 1892 for the Hamburg shipping company F. Laeisz is also on display.
The exhibition features two films - one is of PEKING at sea and rounding Cape Horn. The second illustrates plans for the Deutsches Hafenmuseum.

Also at the Grand Opening of the exhibition on 25 February, the association of the last remaining P-liners - PEKING, PASSAT, PADUA (now: KRUZENSHTERN) and POMERANIA - "Flying P-Liner Heritage Fleet" was announced. As a symbol of the cooperation, each ship's representative was presented a porthole reclaimed during the restoration of PEKING.

New German Nautical Glossary

Our chief historian Christine Hieber and Jörn Lütjens have compiled a rather comprehensive German nautical glossary terminology from the time when PEKING was trading.

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