Our Goals

After the restoration the touristic operation, events on board as well as the ongoing maintenance will be carried out by our association "Freunde der Viermastbark PEKING e.V." ("Friends of the Four-Masted Barque Peking").

Until then, the association takes on duties which include the historical review of the active sailing period from 1911 to 1932 and the restoration of the objects not included in the shipyard contract.

Interested persons who would like to support the association as members through voluntary work and/or financial donations are always welcome. You will find the necessary forms under "Downloads".

Financial donations are, of course, always welcome, donation receipts for tax deduction purposes are provided on request.

Bank details:

Verein Freunde der Viermastbark PEKING e.V.
Hamburger Sparkasse
IBAN DE43 2005 0550 1002 1745 46

Extract from the statutes:

The purpose of the association "Freunde der Viermastbark PEKING e.V." is to promote art and culture.

The purpose of the statutes is achieved in particular by the ongoing care and maintenance as well as by the tourist operation of the four-masted barque PEKING at the berth in Hamburg, in order to preserve it as a cultural object of national importance and to make it accessible to the public in an appropriate manner as a "living museum ship" in order to make it one of Hamburg's outstanding attractions.

The funds of the association may only be used for statutory purposes. The members do not receive any contributions from the association's funds.

No person may benefit from expenses that are alien to the purpose of the association or from disproportionately high remuneration.


1. Natural persons and corporate entities can be members.
2. A new member can be admitted by resolution of the board upon receipt of a written application. Reasons for rejecting an application for membership must be given to the applicant in writing. He/she then has the right to call the next general meeting and ask for its final decision on the application.
3. The membership ends by resignation